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Career Development Professional Apprenticeship

 What is a Career Development Professional?

The broad purpose of the occupation is to assist individuals and/or organisations before or during career transitions to develop long and short term career strategies. CDPs are typically found in - educational settings, training organisations, careers & employment services and human resource/learning & development departments in both the public and the private sector.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for helping individuals assess their own strengths, values, beliefs, and situation and connect them meaningfully to the labour market and the education system.  They are responsible for making professional judgments in the best interest of the client whilst adhering to the ethical practice required by the organisation or profession, and acting in accordance with organisational policy and relevant legislation.  A career development professional is required to act with autonomy, working independently, often on their own and in collaboration with other professionals, for example careers leaders, senior academics, social workers, course tutors, managers and HR professionals.

Typical job titles include: career adviser, career coach, career guidance counsellor, careers leader, career co-ordinator, career consultant, career development practitioner, IAG adviser, senior employability adviser, workforce development officer, widening participation lead and personal adviser.

The OCR Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development


WRT contributed to the units for this qualification when it was first written as well as being the first centre to officially get a learner certificated. Since then, we have successfully delivered this qualification to several hundred learners in the UK and currently have learners from York to Eastbourne.

All assessors and tutors are experienced in the sector as well as having accomplished a minimum of the L6 Diploma themselves.


A comprehensive range of Optional units are offered, the apprentice and employer can pick the units most relevant to the role. Please see separate leaflet for L6 units, we will also be offering the Careers Leadership units as part of the Optional Units. We co-wrote the careers leadership units with David Andrews OBE for the awarding body (OCR).

With the L6 Diploma they will then be eligible to join The CDI register for Careers Professionals.



The Duties


Duty 1 - Reflect critically on their career development practice and service delivery, evaluating it against relevant theories, models, research and appropriate professional ethical standards in order to facilitate continuing professional development and ongoing service improvement

Duty 2 - Collaborate with colleagues, internal and external stakeholders, employers and other service providers to negotiate, design, develop, organise and evaluate programmes of activities that equip clients with the career management skills, knowledge and resources they need for their career development

Duty 3 - Prioritise and manage workloads, making effective use of management information systems and wider technology

Duty 4 - Motivate and equip clients to identify their short-term and long-term career development objectives and to develop plans to make progress in those objectives

Duty 5 - Enable clients to assess their strengths, values, beliefs, situation and preferences, and to connect them to the requirements and rewards of opportunities within the education system and the labour market, inclusive of training, voluntary work and self-employment

Duty 6 - Design, plan, deliver and evaluate career-related learning activities using pedagogical approaches appropriate to the clients’ educational level and the organisational context

Duty 7 - Prepare, conduct and evaluate structured career development interactions with clients using career counselling, guidance, coaching and advice work approaches appropriate to the clients’ needs and the organisational context

Duty 8 -   Research, assess, organise, interpret and disseminate careers-related and service delivery information, including labour market information (LMI) to meet the needs of clients, colleagues and other stakeholders

Duty 9 - Promote informed engagement with the career development service and enable clients to access wider career development and other support services


Full details of the KSBs (Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours) can be found: https://www.instituteforapprenticeships.org/apprenticeship-standards/career-development-professional/




To fund this you must be a Levy employer. The apprentice must have access to clients and hold a DBS clearance. If English and Maths were not achieved at GSCE then this will need to be achieved prior to EPA (End Point Assessment). No previous qualifications in CEIAG are required, however any that have been completed will speed up achievement.


‘I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism, creativity, flexibility & responsiveness and value for money which they have offered as a training consultancy and as individual trainers. At all stages’ Sal Morawetz – National Learning Organiser, TSSA


Programme of delivery


-  Founded on coaching principles and strong tutorial support

-  Well-structured programme with interesting assignments

-  Memorable training delivery by experienced practitioners

-  Embedded programmes which are also assessed against the standard

-  User friendly e-portfolio : Quals Direct

-  Bespoke delivery plan, fulfilled by experienced and committed learning and development professionals

The programme will be fully explained at the start.

WRT offer a blended learning approach.

The apprentice will be invited to attend training workshops (which will be regionally based).

Regular video/telephone tutorials.

At least two contacts a months.

Ongoing support and assessment throughout.

We offer adaptive teaching and are practiced in helping people with different learning styles.

Happy to teach cohorts at the organisation’s premises.

Depending on the learner the apprenticeship can take up to two years, the minimum it can take is one year and one week. Based on our experience we estimate the average duration will be around eighteen months.


Although this is a new programme we are experienced in delivering apprenticeships and bespoke training delivery. We have also helped several organisations with their design and delivery.


‘We moved into the apprenticeship world two years ago and were introduced to Jane Hinken of White Rose Training as someone who could assist with the development of our apprenticeship provision.

The work, support and advice we have received from Jane and her team during this time has been invaluable and I see this continuing as a long-term relationship.’ Mark Fenwick, Director (Simply Academy)

‘I attended the Level 4 Diploma Careers Information and Advice in 2016.

The course was very useful in term of my current role, Student Advisor and Safeguarding Officer at Oakland’s College. I learnt new skills and developed existing knowledge’s and understandings through the course material and the tutor lead sessions.

My tutor was very well informed and able to support and guide me through every aspect of the course requirements.

The staff at the centre were helpful and supportive and made the learning centre available to me as a place to study outside of the formal sessions. I feel as a result of attending the course I am now able to offer best practice to the students I support.’

Dulcie Hiscott, Student Advisor (Oakland’s College)

The apprenticeship

If you have a cohort of learners we would come to you to deliver from your premises. For individual learners we will visit in person less often but will still have contact at least twice a month.


We use an e-portfolio system (Quals direct) which will store resources for you to use, your assignments , any evidence of your knowledge skills and behaviours that have arisen naturally from the workplace, all tutorials that you have with your tutor and your learning logs which evidence your required 20% off the job training.


You will be part of a study group which will broaden your experience and enable you to share good practice. Your tutor will also visit you to observe your professional practice and to support you when preparing for your end point assessment.

The Apprenticeship will take up to 24 months to complete and will have an EPA to be completed in the last few months.

20% off the job training is easily trackable on our system. Tutors and assessors will recommend activities to ensure we all meet government requirements.


 ‘I found white rose training to be by far the easiest and best support distance learning provider I have used. The materials you are given by them, for your course are comprehensive and extensive in fact I still use some of their information today in my job. My assessor was lovely and it was really easy to contact her about any questions I had and she always came back to me quickly. I would definitely recommend White Rose Training to any of my friends and colleagues.’ Maria Roswell, Central Sussex College


We are absolutely passionate about careers guidance. We are very excited about the CDP apprenticeship and are thrilled that it matches so well to the Gatsby benchmarks.



About White Rose Training

WRT based in Ware, Hertfordshire was formed in 2001. We are a small but agile training company that was founded to deliver guidance qualifications and this is our area of expertise. In recent years we have helped build apprentice delivery for other companies. We are now thrilled to be able to combine our two areas of skills- delivery of guidance qualifications and design & delivery of apprenticeship programmes.

We have also delivered apprenticeships in team leadership, business administration and learning & development and so have developed a successful coaching approach to apprenticeship delivery. We also have worked with another training organisation  (Simply Academy) and have been responsible for designing their four schemes of work for financial services apprenticeships and have now got nearly a hundred learners on scheme with six having achieved end point assessment (one pass and five distinctions by August 2019).

Our reputation is founded on structured planning, review and individual support. We ensure we embed a motivational and goal oriented approach. We tailor our service to suit the needs of each employer e.g. via a blended approach with e-portfolio and workshop based delivery as well as 1:1 delivery.

We consistently receive excellent feedback from external verifiers and inspecting organisations with an excellent record of repeat business. We like to think outside of the box and ensure the needs of the employer and the apprentice drive the model for delivery.



The course itself has been fantastic and definitely spurred me onto my own personal goals of working as an adviser full time.  I always enjoyed giving IAG and often wondered if I had a higher level would it be useful and the answer is yes it is! I am pleased to say my team also feel the same. The course as definitely given me so much and supported all my needs for aiming for my own personal goal. 

Your service is very professional and we all appreciate the time, support and friendly guidance you have delivered with a high quality standard of both classroom based and non-classroom based delivery. Your services are totally accessible along with really good resources available. 

Having worked in FE for over 25 years I have studied many courses and must state that this course as far been the best one yet.’ Sue Pemble -Admissions & Customer Services Manager, New City College

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