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CMI Level 3 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring

Purpose and aims of qualification
The Level 3 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring (QCF) is designed for supervisors and first line
managers. For advice and guidance practitioners it provides another dimension to your professional
practice.  It supports the development, coaching and mentoring skills and techniques which can be
used with individuals and teams.

Benefits for individuals
✴ Know what it takes to be an effective coach in your workplace
✴ Understand how coaching works – learn a coaching model, and the tools and techniques
    to support it
✴ Put your new skills into practice in your job– carry out supervised coaching sessions
✴ Analyse, assess and plan to improve your own coaching ability
Benefits for Employers
✴ Implement coaching to improve performance in your organisation
✴ Ensure the managers you develop as coaches are properly equipped with the skills,
    knowledge and ethical understanding they need
✴ Develop a coaching culture in your organisation by developing your managers as truly effective coaches

What do you get?
We provide comprehensive course materials which are designed to help candidates produce a portfolio by default. Our tutors are
qualified and experienced in their field and add value to learning.

Your Programme:
Attendance at 3 training days plus up to one further day a week to support your learning as required by the learner.

Day 1 Coaching and Your Organisation
• Unit 3011v1: Principles, skills and impact of coaching and mentoring
Unit 4003v1: Understanding organisational culture, values and behaviour*

Day 2 The Coaching Context
Unit 3012v1: Coaching and mentoring for individual and team need
• Unit 4004v1: Understanding team dynamics*

Day 3 The Coaching Process
Unit 3013v1: Managing the coaching and mentoring relationships
• Unit 3014v1: Coaching and mentoring processes
• Unit 3015v1: Completing the coaching and mentoring process

*learners choose one of these units

• ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
• OCR Level 4 Diploma in Career Information and Advice
• OCR Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development
• ILM Level 4 Diploma in Leadership and Management
• OCR Level 5 Diploma in Management

Price Per Person £2400

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