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OCR Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Customer Service

This qualification is suitable for those who:
✓ are already experienced in a job involving customer service and wish to update their knowledge,
    understanding and skills to improve their customer service performance
✓ wish to develop their full potential and/or the potential of others to deliver and improve
    customer service
✓ are seeking career progression through jobs involving customer service
✓ wish to add to their personal portfolio of qualifications for acceptance on to other courses
✓ are embarking on an Apprenticeship in Customer Service

Benefits for individuals:
• Review customer service skills including communication skills
• Explore differing customer service needs and provision in different sectors
• Evaluate organisational customer service processes and consider improvements and
methods for improving customer service within an organisation.
Benefits for employers:
• Potential employees have a key understanding of the communication skills required for their
customer facing role along with a more indepth understanding of customer needs in differing settings
• Potential employees have reviewed and developed key skills for handling customers in a range of situations
• Potential employees have considered strategies for continuous improvement of the
customer service function in their organisation.

What do you get?
We provide comprehensive course materials which are designed to help candidates produce a portfolio by default. Our tutors are qualified and experienced in their
field and add value to learning

Your Programme:
Attendance at three workshop days plus additional workshop support available as
required by the learner.
Day 1: Communication Skills In Customer Service
Unit 3- Understand The Use Of Communication In Customer Service

Day 2: Understanding Customer Service Principles And Delivery In Different Sectors
Unit 4- Understand The Principles Of Customer Service Delivery In Different Sectors

Day 3: Improving Customer Service & Portfolio Production
Unit 5- Understand The Principles Of Making Improvements To Customer Service

Price £925

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