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OCR Level 4 Diploma in Learning and Development

The new qualifications are designed for candidates who facilitate learning and development by; identifying the learning needs of individuals, preparing learning and development resources, and by creating an engaging learning environment. The candidates may be involved with developing and assessing the skills, knowledge and competence of learners primarily in the workplace or in work-related programmes of learning. It is recognised that employment in a learning and development role involves a diverse range of functions, tasks and activities which are constantly developing in light of technological advances and changes in working practices. Learning and development may involve more specialised tasks such as evaluation and the analysis of data or delivery of training using information technology. It is recognised that individuals and employers must be responsible for gaining the skills needed to meet ever changing business objectives, which will in turn lead to improvement in efficiency and effectiveness throughout organisations. As these qualifications assess a candidate’s competence against the National Occupational Standards for Learning and Development at Level 4, candidates must prove they are competent in a wide range of learning and development activities. For example, In the Level 4 Diploma in Learning and Development, candidates must demonstrate that they are evaluating and developing their own practice. 

The types of job roles that these qualifications apply to may include:
• in-house trainers and training managers
• external trainers, managers and consultants
• workplace managers and supervisors
• experienced staff with responsibility for developing colleagues with less experience, skills
and knowledge
• assessors
• verifiers

Course Content

45 Credits (12 credits =Mandatory; 33 credits = Optional units)

2 x Mandatory Units

  • Unit 2 – Reflect and improve on own practice in learning and development
  • Unit 3 – Principles, theories and practices of learning and development

Optional Units (5-7 units)

  • Group B – General Learning and Development units
  • Group C – Management units

If you require management endorsement a minimum of 18 credits should come from the Management Units.

Minimum of 23 credits must be achieved at Level 4.


Delivery – Enhanced Distance Learning

(a)  For a group of 6-8 people

Three x training days (1 at beginning - Induction, assessment planning; 1 at middle – underpinning knowledge workshop and assessment; 1 at end – review and portfolio building)

Plus:  Distance learning and work place assessment.

This would be based on White Rose Training devising a course to meet the client’s needs working with a group of units pre-selected by the sponsor to be followed by all learners.

Cost:  £2225 each


(b)   Learners  taking the course individually

Mode of delivery: distance learning enhanced with workplace visits for additional tutorial support as well as assessment

Cost: £2225 each.



Duration: 6-12 months to be agreed with sponsor


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